Chemotherapy & Hair Loss

You are not alone!  

Most women experience hair loss (alopecia) while undergoing chemotherapy.  

With recent advances in technology, women now have a varienty of choices to help make themselves look and feel better during treatment.  

One of the most important decisions about your hair restration process is making sure that you are informed of all the different viable options.  

We care for your cause and needs. Our purpose is to make you worry free about the things that are in your control  

As one client, going through Chemo put it! (Quote) “Recently I discovered that it’s still worth dreaming, and magical moments happen daily, it all depends on your attitude.” Marilyn D.  

Visit us before your hair loss begins  

Most women do not experience hair loss until after their second chemotherapy treatment, but some will start to lose their hair as soon as seven days after the first treatment. Hair loss occurs because hair follicles are weakened by chemotherapy, causing hair to fall out at a much faster rate than normal. Some women also los their eyelashes and eyebrows during chemotherapy.  

We strongly recommend you visit us before you begin your chemotherapy treatment so that our professional stylist can become familiar with your present hairstyle and color. We also recommend that a hair sample of your hair be taken for future reference. Our goal is to recreate your natural hairstyle.  

Cutting your hair short before you start chemotherapy will make losing your hair less traumatic and will help in your transition back to your natural growing hair. Once the treatment is over.  

Our committment is to be the compassionate, caring and encouraging people in your life that will make a difference not only in your appearance but also through your recovery.  

Questions & Answers  

Will my insurance cover my hair restoration?  

Many insurance companies will cover a percentage of the expense. You would require a prescription from your physician to submit to your insurance company. The prescription should be written for a cranial prosthisis. Each claim is unique and will be discussed at the point of consultation.  

Are wigs uncomfortable?  

Not all wigs are created equal. Your new hair is designed for comfort, versatility and style in mind, designed with exceptional detail, tailored to provide a beautiful natural look. Our professionals are certified and trained to consult and deliver the highest standard in hair restoration.  

How long before my hair grows back?  

In almost all cases, once chemotherapy has ended, your hair is expected to regain strength and completely grow within 6 to 12 months. Therefore, most women continue to wear wigs for the several months after chemotherapy has ended. When your hair initially begins to grow again, it may have a different texture or color. The variations in texture and color are usually not permanent.