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International Hair Salon  by Mr. Carmine’s

located in the west wing of the beautiful “Stamford Plaza Hotel”

 2701 Summer Street Stamford, CT 06905


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I just wanted to say I've been coming here nearly 25 years now and I always know while there, I'll be treated in a pleasant and professional manner by both Ron and Joyce my hair stylist. It sure is a great feeling knowing when I leave I can feel confident about my appearance.
Joe, CT

I've been a client for over 20 years and Joyce has been my hair care professional.She has always been courteous,polite, and knowledgeable of helping me maintain my hair.She is a great asset to I.H.S and I want to thank her and the entire staff for always making me feel comfortable.
E.R.H., Bpt.ct.

I have been going to Ron for 23 years. I was diagnosed with Alopecia at 14. My parents found Ron and with his help and professionalism I was able to go through my teenage years with confidence. I have been a regular of Ron's ever since. Ron is terrific at his craft, stands by his work, and always makes sure I leave looking the best I can. The entire staff is amazing.
Tom, Norwalk CT

This salon is in a class of its own. It is a wonderful location. The staff is very knowledgeable. I have Michele do my hair and have been for years. I receive compliments constantly about color, shine and cut. I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.
Carm, Stamford

always a pleasant experience and I work with Joyce who takes such good care of me; plus she seems to have a natural talent for this combined with all her experience it is a win, win and fun too!
Steve, Stamford,CT

I've been a client for over 20 years and Ron and Joyce have always taken care of me with the best in personal service and materials.
Harvey W, stamford

I have been a client since 1987. Joyce has been cutting and styling my hair for many years and I can't praise her enough for her expertise at hair styling and her patience, as well. Ron and his entire staff are pleasant to work and always willing to please their clients. They are not there to just sell a product, but are there to be sure you are satisfied with every aspect of your hair system no matter how small the request. I can't praise Ron, Joyce and Maria enough.

I have been a client of International hair salon since 1997 I was immediately impressed by Ron and his staff's professionalism, and creativity from the moment I first came in for a consultation. At the time, I had already gone through hair transplantation, but it was unable to give me the results and hair density I was looking for, so I started exploring non surgical hair restoration options. When I got my new non surgical hair for the first time at international hair salon, I was so much more pleased with the results, because I not only now head a full head of hair, it also looked and felt so much like my own hair. Going back then, as good as the systems looked, the hair did'nt look anything like the technology available today at Internationa Hair salon. The hair systems were more heavy, and you were limited to certain ways to style it, and it required more effort to work with in order to keep it looking natural. Thanks to Ron and his staff, they have continuously kept up to date with newest technologies that they offer to their clients. I have to say, the hair I now have, is light, durable, natural to the look and touch, versatile, and easier to work with then they have ever been. Friends who know me, and touch my hair are dumbfounded when I tell them it is not growing hair. Joyce has been my personal stylist for many years and she along with Ron are not happy unless I am happy and satisfied. They are always there to service my and make me a happy client in any way they can. The whole atmosphere is very warm, friendly and accommodating and would not ever consider going elsewhere.
Dan, Stamford