Hair hacks – love them or hate them?

There are just days when we can’t be bothered with figuring out which hairstyle to try for the day, much less making an actual effort to do it. Well get ready to find out, because you’re about to become one of them!

Hairspray Underneath the Bangs

Do your bangs hate each other (and, you’re starting to feel, even you) that it constantly creates a gap? If you’re having a hard time keeping your fringe in place, excessive hairspray on top of your bangs won’t make things better. What WILL help though is spraying underneath the bangs, then spritzing just a little at the top. Brush them in place and wait for the product to dry for bangs that stay in place without being hard and crunchy!

Curl only the bangs

You know how celebrities or your average bombshell looks absolutely stunning with the soft layers at the front forming a nice wave that frames their face? That’s totally achievable. Take the front segment of your hair (or your bangs) and brush it upwards. Take a 1-inch curling iron (a flat iron works too) and, starting about half an inch from the roots, curl backwards. Brush through your locks with your fingers afterwards and voila – instant flattering face frame.

Use Hair Mousse

Mousse is great, not just as a delicious dessert, but as a hair product. (To clarify, that was a joke. Please use only HAIR mousse for this step.) It is useful for many things, like taming frizzy hair or flyaways, volumizing, creating definition, and sealing in curls. Mousse provides the right amount of hold without making your hair crunchy. In fact, it’s the opposite: applied properly, hair mousse can actually make your hair feel soft and bouncy! First divide your hair into big sections. Shake the can, hold it vertically, then spray a little bit of product in your hand. Apply this evenly from the mid-length of your hair and down to the tips. If you’re in it for volume, apply the mousse at the roots and work it down to the tips, then blow dry. Gingerly brush your hair afterwards to make sure the product is distributed evenly.

Use a Mascara Wand for Baby Hair

When you want a sleek look but the baby hair in front of the hairline won’t cooperate, you may be tempted to go overboard with the hairspray. This is a no-no! The best way to keep the tiny hair from sticking out is to use clear mascara. The wand is small enough that you can control which direction they go to, and the mascara helps keep it in place.

Sleep in Buns for Natural Curls

We’ve established that too much heat-styling can really damage the hair. Luckily, you can achieve wavy or even curly hair every day without using a curling iron. Take a bath the night before, then wait until your hair is about 90% dry. Brush it through then create little buns – twist all your hair into one big bun at the top of your hair and secure with a hair tie for bigger waves, or divide your hair into two or four sections then twist and tie for tighter curls. Wear a silk scarf or shower cap over it to keep your hair from frizzing while you sleep. Remove the ties in the morning and comb through with your hands for a more natural look. Mousse optional for keeping the curls on longer!

You don’t have to choose between having to succumb to boring, unruly hair on a daily basis nor making a massive amount of effort – just follow these quick and easy hair hacks to keep your hair looking its best with minimal effort!